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Introducing Villa's Office and Travel Staff

Margaret-Buswell-(2).jpg  Margaret Buswell -  Business Owner

Having being involved in the business since 1979, aged 10, when my parents bought the Villa Carlotta Hotel in Busselton, I grew up enjoying meeting travellers and understanding the hard work that goes into running a tour business.  Enjoying a gap year after finishing a Commerce Degree at UWA, involved travelling the world and enjoying new experiences.  Buying the Villa from my parents in 1992 with my husband meant busy times, raising 2 young children and working hard to develop and grow the business.  Buying out my business partner in 2014, has meant that in addition to managing the business behind the scenes I am now back amongst our travel club members, presenting at our wonderful travel expo's and on some occasions touring.  My passions continue to be my family, my work and my voluntary role as Deputy Chair on CinefestOZ, a film festival based in the South West.  

Matt-Walker-(1).jpg Matt Walker - General Manager

I have over 25 years’ experience working in the travel and tourism industry and in my spare time, enjoy paddling my surf ski and spending time with my family. I have always held to the belief that you should expand your horizons, meet new people and share amazing experiences and that’s what we help you to do here at Villa Carlotta Travel!  

Mandi-Cooper-(1).jpg  Mandi Cooper – Marketing and Product Development Manager

From January 2017 I have officially worked at villa for 10 years - wow how has the time flown. I’m as excited as ever working with villa as there is never a dull moment! Last year I managed a lovely holiday in Denmark. I just love our south coast for escapism. In 2017 I have promised to meet family from the USA in Italy which I really look forward to heading back to.     

Kelly-Winch-(1).jpg  Kelly Winch - Travel Office and Logistics Manager
This April I am celebrating 9 years with villa and what a great 9 years it has been.  No two days are ever the same and it is a great pleasure developing new and exciting holidays within our beautiful state of Western Australia for you to enjoy.  Wishing you all happy and safe travels and we hope to you see you on one of our holidays again soon.  

David-Bull-(1).jpg  David Bull – Coach Captain and Operations Coordinator

I have now worked for villa for 11 great years.  My roles include Coach Captain and working in the travel office as the Operations Coordinator for the transport team.  Since our last trip to Europe three years ago, my wife and I have travelled to Borneo and South America.  Both offering unique lifetime experience, in particular the Eco Lodge. 

Candice-Grunder.jpg  Candice Grunder - Product Logistics Coordinator
I was bitten by the travel bug at a very early age after visiting my grandparents in Bavaria at the age of 4 to experience my first traditional European white Christmas. My love for travel grew as I continued to travel around the world with my parents so a career in tourism seemed the             natural choice. I am originally from South Africa but my husband and I now call Australia home.

Mitzy-Mishima-(1).JPG  Mitzy Mishima – Accounts Department
I began working with villa in 2006 and the only thing about me that has changed is my hair!  I love working here as it has more of a family atmosphere rather than just an office.  I have travelled extensively to the east coast of Australia, Hawaii, and Japan and the next destination I will be aiming to reach is Sri Lanka for a surfing holiday! 

Michelle-McKenzie-(1).jpg  Michelle McKenzie – Travel Coordinator
I have relished working with villa on a part time basis for over 14 years.  In that time, I have watched villa’s extensive range of holidays grow and have loved helping travellers book their dream holiday.  I have two beautiful teenagers and a wonderful husband and as a family we love to relax on cruising holidays.  I look forward to your call!

Phil-Carson.jpg  Phil Carson - Travel Coordinator

After growing up in New Zealand and living in the UK and Italy where I worked in hospitality and taught English, I moved with my wife to Busselton around two years ago.  I love Italian food and travelling, especially in Europe.  I look forward to chatting to present and future villa travellers and I hope to bring a new perspective to your villa experience.

Kim-Pollock.jpg  Kim Pollock - Travel Coordinator
I have recently returned to villa after travelling around Australia. I am completely thrilled to be back with this fantastic company on a full time basis and I am enjoying every minute of booking bucket list holidays for our long time members and new travellers. I look forward to speaking with you soon and to help you book your next perfect holiday. 

Marnie-Davis-(1).JPG  Marnie Davis – Group Travel Coordinator and Marketing Assistant
After spending over 7 years working in the media, I have found new enjoyment working in the tourism industry.  Working on villa’s quarterly holiday magazines and keeping you all up-to-date on our website is a favourite part of my job.  I also coordinate large groups to enjoy a hassle free booking experience so if you need advice on group travel, call me anytime.

Jan-Hall.JPG  Jan Hall – Tour Leader
I’m thrilled to travel with villa as a Tour Leader and share so many wonderful journeys to amazing destinations throughout Australia and overseas. There is so much pleasure in experiencing gorgeous scenery, diverse cultures and different modes of travel within villas tours. It is a real joy to see places through the eyes of our passengers.

Dee-Nufield.jpg  Dee Nufield – Tour Leader
Eight wonderful years and looking forward to many more.  I love sharing the sights, culture, flavours and joys of travel with our passengers. Great to see familiar faces who entrust their holiday plans to villa again and again.  And of course to welcome new faces and personalities into the villa family. Favourite tour?  The one I am currently leading - tis the people that make it after all!

Chris-Slee.jpg  Chris Slee – Tour Leader
In the seven and a half years of Tour Leading with villa I have had the great pleasure of seeing many of my travel bucket list destinations.  Being addicted to travel, I spend any spare time in my busy Tour Leading schedule either holidaying or planning my next holiday.  High on my           holiday priority list is Turkey and Morocco.

Jane-Thorson.jpg  Jane Thorson – Tour Leader
I've been in the tourism industry for many years, previously, running my own business. Since starting with villa, the saying " You should learn something new every day" is always on my mind. I learn about the places we visit, I listen and learn from the passengers I meet and I just love it.  I hope to meet you someday soon on a villa tour, I'm always up to learning something new. 

Patti-Walmsley-(1).jpg  Patti Walmsley – Tour Leader
If travelling can be measured in friends then you'll never be short on a villa holiday.  From my first villa tour leading experience, I was impressed by the ease at which our passengers mixed with so many, having known each other over previous villa travel experiences. I get excited when I have a tour coming up and I hope you do too...see you on our next tour with villa.  Bon Voyage! 

Herbie-and-Nada-Schmidiger.jpg  Herbie and Nada Schmidiger – Coach Captain and Tour Leader
Travel is one of the joys of life for Herbie and myself, and over the years we have travelled extensively throughout the world. Meeting new people, seeing wonderful scenery and enjoying new experiences are just a few of the things that make travel so much fun for us.  Earlier this year, we joined villa as Tour Leader and Coach Captain, and already we feel like we belong to a large family.

Terry-and-Trisha-Ramsay.jpg  Terry and Tricia Ramsay – Coach Captain and Tour Leader
My husband Terry and I ran our own small tour company for 14 years and after selling it, we decided to retire down South.  That was until we saw the advert for villa, so here we are.  It not just great that we get to work together, we also get paid to take holidays. It's really all about the people you meet and the fantastic stories you hear.  We look forward to seeing you on tour soon!

Neil-Costello.jpg  Neil Costello - Coach Captain

I’ve come to villa after two separate and successful 20 year management careers in both Federal and local government.  A clean break saw me heading overseas for two months as a “consumer” giving me a feel for what makes or breaks a holiday.  My recent appointment at villa has given me the opportunity to put my enthusiasm to work, interacting with our travellers to provide a positive and memorable holiday experience.

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