Tour Activity Levels


With such a wide ranging and diverse collection of travel options we want to make sure that you choose the right holiday and experience for you. 

Each tour throughout our website list an activity level blue footprint icon to guide you on the type of itinerary and the level of challenge one can expect to encounter while travelling on the holidays. 
The below information will give you an explanation of each of the levels to assist you in making the right trip choice for you.

Of course if you’re concerned about what is best for you, please speak to one of our experienced travel coordinators.  Our goal is for you and your fellow passengers to enjoy and make the most of your villa holiday experience.

There are 5 levels: Relaxed, Moderate, Active, Highly Active and Challenging, and each one is rated by the number of blue footprints.



These holidays are suitable for travellers with lower mobility.  Travellers will be required to embark and disembark coaches, trains and other forms of transport, to carry own luggage and to walk short distances. Walking is typically on flat terrain and stairs may need to be negotiated sometimes.  Tours have shorter travel days and often stay in the one location for the duration of the holiday. On occasions you might be required to start early or finish late on a touring day.  Travellers with accompanying assistance and/or carer can consider these holidays.


Expect guided walking tours of attractions and experiences with occasional inclines and stair climbs.  These holidays may include multiple hotel changes and some accommodation properties may require access via stairs, short walks to reach hotel facilities and rooms may also have showers over baths.  There may be early morning departures and possible days of extended travel.


Requires some fitness as the trip will involve longer days and days filled with activities. Excursions require standing and walking for extended periods of time. Holidays may be touring remote and rugged regions and include nature based activities.


Requires general fitness as excursions will be over more difficult terrain and travel by local transportation may require a certain level of agility. There will be free time to explore at your leisure.


Fitness is imperative.  Tours explore unique and remote locations which are challenging to access. Tours have an emphasis on active pursuits and often feature multiple walking experiences up to a day long, in remote areas. 
Before booking a villa holiday please ensure that you are comfortable with the activity level and the necessary mobility. 

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