Tour Activity Levels

All Western Australian, Australian and Overseas tours have been given an Activity Level Rating – Low, Medium or High with Discovery Tours having their own category.

The tour rating is determined by a number of factors, including:

  1. Activity level of the tour: eg. walking, boat tours, airport transfers.
  2. Number of times people are alighting and boarding the coach.
  3. Pace of the tour: eg. early starts, long days of travelling, rest days.
  4. Number of accommodation transfers in the tour.
  5. Accommodation style/facilities: eg. upstairs rooms, shower over bath.
  6. Length of tour i.e. number of days.

TOUR ACTIVITY LEVELS Classic and Singles Holidays

A relaxed paced holiday that is suited to people with restricted mobility.

Suited to people with a reasonable level of mobility. Able to climb stairs, access a shower over a bath, walk with minimal restriction and handle own luggage.

Suited to people with unrestricted mobility. Able to walk a reasonable distance unaided and without a rest and manage own luggage and stairs.


Very High
Suited to people who demonstrate a good level of general fitness. On tour passengers will need to be able to get into and out of small 4WD vehicles, boats, aircraft and other local transportation and walk 2-3 km (30mins) without rests and without aid over uneven surfaces.

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