Dee is Back From Her World Adventure!
Dee is Back From Her World Adventure!
Dee is Back From Her World Adventure! teaser

After a few months leave travelling the world, Dee is back to work...travelling the world!

Back to work.
The world is an amazing place, and I have enjoyed everywhere on my Grand Adventure, but now it's time to return to work.
What a month it has been!
Every Australian state bar Tasmania, every capital city except Canberra, Brisbane and Hobart. 
I have experienced jungle and desert. Cities and rail siding. Reef and river.
Birds of prey, patient fishers, honey thieves and chatter boxes. Ancient predators. Swum with sea turtles and in waterfalls. Sublime artworks created by either human endeavour or that of nature.
Watched as working dogs and horses are gently taught their craft. And seen the enthusiasm and work ethic of our youth that make our tourism industry prosper.
Planes, boats, trains, buses and bikes - my modes of transport ... and yes some fancy footwork on the dance floor.
All the while sharing the experiences with my mighty passengers who place their faith in our travel company.
What a life I live. Truly blessed.

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