Cruising with Villa and Holland America
Cruising with Villa and Holland America
Cruising with Villa and Holland America teaser

Villa has an excellent range of cruising holidays to choose from in 2019

Cruising in Style with Villa and Holland America Lines

Join with villa for an incredible holiday featuring an elegantly appointed, mid-sized ship with our cruise partner, the legendary Holland America Line.   If you, like us, love cruising then get excited because in 2019 there will be a plethora of cruising options available from villa.   Call us now if one of these incredible holidays tickles your fancy, and we will get you on board for the holiday of a lifetime!

Cruising Breathtaking Norway and the North Cape
Proposed Dates 23 May to 9 June 2019

Inspire yourself with a Northern Europe cruise highlighting Viking legends, grand looming fjords and a history of royalty.  Aboard ms Rotterdam, million dollar art, antique collections, wide teak decks and classic lines evoke a nautical tradition of times gone by.  This picturesque itinerary will introduce you to the Norwegian towns and villages set in breathtaking scenes of natural beauty.  Cruise Geirangerfjord and North Cape plus cross the Arctic Circle. Colourful buildings, lively cultures and local spirit, beautiful mountains, magnificent archipelagos, waterfalls, glacier lakes and some of the planets longest and deepest fjords will greet you on this cruise of a lifetime.



Jewels of the Baltic and Enchanting Iceland
Proposed Dates 27 July to 23 August 2019
Denmark – Russia – Sweden – Estonia - Finland – Norway – Iceland – Scotland
Onboard the ms Zuiderdam, discover the storied cities and natural wonders you’ve always wanted to see. British Isles, Iceland and Norway beckon the adventurous traveller with the promise of welcoming shores, fascinating cultures and awe-inspiring landscapes. In the British Isles, you have fairytale castles, stunning landscapes and history galore.  In Iceland, volcanic wonders, other worldly lifestyles and landscapes, unique culture and glacier carved landscapes and in Norway the famous fjord country.  From Scandinavian cities to the imperial riches of St Petersburg, this holiday will give you a special insight into the northern reaches of Europe.  



Cruising Magnificent Mediterranean - The Holy Land and Ancient Kingdoms
Proposed Dates 17 October to 3 November 2019
Italy – Sicily - Greece – Crete – Cyprus – Israel
Step back in time weaving through historic Greece and Israel onboard the ms Prinsendam.  As you cruise the crystal clear blue seas you will enjoy an overnight in Israel, experience Greek traditions that go back thousands of years, view some of the most treasured remnants of the classical world, get up and close to ancient temples and unreal collections of historic sites, take in stunning coastlines and visit Jerusalem, one of the world’s most fabled cities with extraordinary history. Diverse in your experiences you will also have the opportunity to explore undeveloped wilderness, step on to one of Greece’s most popular islands, walk cobblestoned streets, promenades, waterfronts and harbours, sample the Sicilian way of life and relax in the Bay of Naples and Sorrento.



Cruising Cuba and the Caribbean
Proposed Date October 2019

The Caribbean has long been one of the most beautiful and facinating destinations in the world to travel.  Magnificent settings, white sandy beaches lined with palm trees, coral reefs teaming with marine life, exotic cultures and cuisine, colonial villages and plantations are just the beginning.  Experience Turks and Caicos, one of the world's most famous photogenic spots and the otherworldly Dutch island of Aruba.  Lose yourself amidst the wealth of of colonial buildings and vintage automobiles of Havana and visit Jamaica and the Cayman Islands before taking a glimpse into Mexico's Maya culture near Cozumel.



Cruising Japan in Springtime
Proposed Dates 26 March to 13 April 2020
Sailing amongst the ports of Japan and Taiwan you will experience fascinating histories and culture and see diverse landscapes onboard the ship ms Westerdam.  Japan’s port of calls, offer a glimpse in to an island empire that is both incredibly modern and deeply rooted in history and tradition.  Visit Kobe considered exotic but also famous for the Kobe Beef, cruise to islands of Okinawa and in Taiwan rugged verdant mountains meet the deep blue of the Pacific Ocean of Taiwan.  Japan also offers dramatic views of Sakurajima an active volcano, places of gardens, shrines and Japanese legends, tea plantations and temples.


If you would like more information on any of these fantastic cruises, please do not hesitate to FreeCall 1800 066 272 or email anytime!
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